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At some point, everyone has a pivotal moment that defines—or redefines—the course of his or her life. Mine came when I took part in a photo documentary workshop in Costa Rica with Photographers Without Borders. Inspired by what I had learned and having seen first hand the power of photography to engage the world as we see it, I decided to dedicate myself to effecting change through images and their creation. From that point forward I knew that I wanted to make photography—understood in the broadest sense—my career.  

To expand my knowledge and skills I enrolled in the Environmental Visual Communications program where I added videography and documentary work to my skill set, as well as an understanding of the essential need for compelling storytelling to accompany beautiful imagery.

I have developed a versatile yet incisive style by continually experimenting with different types of photography across various genres, which I also bring to other forms of media. Telling a compelling story and bringing meaning to difficult subjects is at the root of all of my projects. As a former biologist, entomologist, commercial diver, boat builder, and research and development consultant, you definitely could say that I have a unique skill set. My experience and expertise help me in whatever role I assume: whether it be dedicated, passionate photographer, exacting documentarian, or proven field assistant.



Photography + Videography - The cornerstones of visual communications, I can create, produce, post-process, and edit.

Writing - Compelling imagery alone is not enough when our world is saturated with beautiful images.  Combining imagery with a powerful narrative tells a story that will stay with your audience. My writing skills can be applied to a wide range of needs, from blog entries to grant applications.

Field Assistant - As an assistant to National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and iLCP founder Cristina Mittermeier, I have experience providing logistics, gear management, and technical knowledge.

   - Canon, Nikon, and Sony​ DSLRs

     and Lenses

   - RED Cinematic Cameras +

     Related Components

   - Nauticam Underwater Housings +

     Ikelite and Sola Lighting Systems

   - DJI Drone Piloting + Maintenance

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